Basic - $2-$3 (includes 2 column layout, custom header, custom background & free installation)

Available Customization/Accessories:

Layout Customization:
  • 3 column Layout - +$0.50
  • Coloring Behind Posts & Sidebar - +$0.50
  • Horizontal Navigation Bar - +$1
  • Custom Buttons for Navigation Bar - +$1
Header Customization:
  • Change Header Font - +$0.10
  • Add Photos to Header - +$0.10/photo
  • Remove Photo from Header - +$0.10
Post Customization:
  • Signature - +$0.10
  • Post Divider - +$0.25
Sidebar Customization:
  • Title Embellishments - +$0.25/embellishment
  • Blog Button - +$0.25
Business Customization:
  • Additional Blog Page - +$5.00
  • Contact/Order Form - +$5.00

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Terms Of Use

*Paypal is currently my only accepted method of payment.

*I retain intellectual property of your design and ask that all parts of the blog's design remain intact. If you alter my design, it is no longer a reflection of my work. You are free to remove my design completely at any time but you may not alter it.

*A navigation button stating that I designed your Custom Blog Design will be installed in your sidebar and you may not remove or alter it.

*Any changes you wish to make to the final design must be completed prior to installation. Once the design is installed, it's yours for 30 days.

*Designs expire 30 days after installation. As your design reaches its expiration date, I will contact you. If you wish to renew it, just send an email back to me. I'll send you an invoice. The price of the renewal is the same as the original price you paid for the design.

*My designs are protected by the Fair Use & Commercial Use Copy Right Protection. Any unauthorized use of designs or content will be strictly enforced.

Rent a Custom Blog Design From Kellie Ashe Designs

A custom blog is a great way to express yourself while attracting readers and traffic. But most custom blog design sites will charge you $50-$1,000. And you have to pay that price each time you want a new design.

At Kellie Ashe Designs you can have a custom blog design for a fraction of the cost! AND you can change the design whenever you want for NO additional cost by renting a design from Kellie Ashe.
Here's how it works:
  1. I pre-design a number of custom blogs in a variety of styles. Each design is unique and comes with a 2 column layout, custom header, custom background and free installation. You can add accessories, change the header, or add a column for a more unique look.
  2. All of the designs start at a base price, usually $2-$3. If you want to make any changes or add accessories you can customize the design. Each customization/accessory is an additional price. Once you have picked your design and customized it, you submit the order to me.
  3. When I receive your order, I will send you an invoice through paypal for payment. Once I have received your payment, I will contact you with a link for your design. You can look it over and make sure that it is EXACTLY what you want. As soon as you have approved the design I'll install it.
  4. The design expires 30 days after installation UNLESS you renew it for another month. I'll contact you as your expiration date approaches. The price to renew is the same as the original price that you paid. If you want to update or change to a different design you can just restart the process.
The beauty of renting a blog from us is that if you rent designs from us for a year, you'll only pay $25-36 dollars AND have the ability to change it as frequently as you wish.